Dyson Vacuum Cleaners Reviews

“Dyson” Engineered for high dust and dirt

Dyson-vacuum-cleaner-statistics-160x300When you think of a Dyson vacuum, you probably think: “ingenious design.” I know I do. the products are modern, sophisticated, and undeniably cool. Just look at the Dyson Airblade, one of the most appealing cooling apparatuses ever made. A brilliant idea, executed almost flawlessly — that’s the Dyson reputation.
Dyson is a British-based company and manufacturer of bagless vacuum cleaners (using cyclonic separation and brushless electric motors), heatless hand dryers, bladeless fans/heaters, and robotic vacuum cleaners.
Dyson has developed various technologies in their products, such as the dual cyclone used in vacuum cleaners and their Airblade hand dryers.
You may not know, but Dyson was the first company who produced bagless vacuum cleaners. Moreover, they were the first to introduce transparent dust containers. The one feature that continues to amaze me is the ingenuous Cyclonic Separation technique, which uses centrifugal force to filter dust and other particles from the air stream.

Dyson DC39 animal canisterDyson-DC36-Turbinehead-Pet-300x225

The new Dyson vacuum DC39  animal canister  is light to pull and has a lightweight air-driven turbine head, which is easy to lift and manoeuvre. Anti-static carbon fiber filaments on the brush bar remove the fine dust from hard floors. With a central steering mechanism and Ball™ technology it turns on the spot and follows easily, without the awkward moves. DC39 has also been engineered for reduced noise levels. Read the full Dyson DC39 review.

Dyson DC40 multi floor & origindyson-dc40-review-vacuumcleaner

The DC40 Multi floor is a lightweight Dyson vacuum cleaner for every floor type. The machine’s cleaner head has an active base place, which self-adjusts automatically for optimal contact with all floor types. On hard floors the base plate lowers to create an efficient seal, and the brush bar lifts clear off the floor to protect delicate surfaces. On carpet, the base plate rises and the brush bar lowers for optimum bristle penetration- removing ground-in dirt and pet hair from different depths of carpet pile. Read the full  Dyson DC40 review.

Dyson DC41 the giant

The DC41 is a large machine with a big capacity, and as Dyson DC41 the giantsuch, it’s designed for people with large homes. The striking Dyson vacuum design ethos is still kept in the new DC41. The overall design goes through a refining process compared to previous models, but it is still clearly a Dyson. The vacuum cleaner is still grey, with a strong dash of colour – in this case blue – and a clear bin topped with all those “cyclone” funnels which still looks really “industrial”. And, of course, the clear bin still lets you can see the dirt you are collecting. Read the full Dyson DC41 review.

The Dyson vacuum DC65 animal completeThe Dyson vacuum DC65 animal complete

The Dyson vacuum DC65 Animal has a huge sticker on the front of it that says  it has twice the suction of any other vacuum. If you have a long haired cat, this vacuum gives you hope that it will work well to keep the cat hair tumble weeds at a minimum. Read the full Dyson DC65 review.

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