Dyson 360 Eye Robot Review

Dyson 360 Eye Robot Review (4)Single vision system 360

The future in robotics navigation technology

Like you, Dyson 360 eye robot observes and interprets its environments constantly. But it, however, can see the whole room at once. This unique Dyson 360 vision system uses mathematical functions, geometry, trigonometry and complex probabilities to map a room and its moves. It is thus able to determine where it is, where it has already past and the remaining areas to be cleaned.

Panoramic lensDyson 360 Eye Robot Review (5)

The panoramic lens provides a complete view of the room. Dyson 360 Eye robot can identify the main features of the room allowing it to determine its position by triangulation continuously. This is a guarantee of precise navigation and complete coverage of the area to be cleaned.

Live vision camera

Intelligent camera captures

This intelligent camera captures thirty frames per second with a 45 angel. It records portions of the parts containing the further elements(such as walls,tables,comers) on which to base the navigation. The cameras sees a more complete spectrum of light than visible to the human eye.

Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) technology

From capturing images, simultaneous localization and mapping software(SLAM) creates a panoramic 360 representations of the parts Dyson 360 Eye robot can thus know precisely its orientation in the room for a full and effective cleaning.

Radial robot cyclone technology

Our cyclone technology in its most compact to date

Dyson cyclones captures microscopic particles and dust. For Dyson  360 processor, Dyson engineers designed our technology radial root cyclone most compact to date. It produces powerful centrifugal forces in order to capture particles as small as pollen and mold.

Seals cycloneDyson 360 Eye Robot Review (2)

Inside the cyclone together, the seals are made of materials designed to maintain high pressure differentials, allowing more efficient filtering and rejecting a cleaner air.

Concentrated cyclone technology

Each of the cyclone was designed to increase the air flow and generate centrifugal forces up to 50000 G. This is sufficiently powerful for separating microscopic particles of only 0.5 microns and capture them in the collector.

Clear bin

Made from tough poly carbonate-the same material that makes up the riot shields.


The turbine moves eight filters of air per second, generating a powerful suction.

Neodymium magnet

Dyson digital

For a powerful suction, a powerful engine is essential. However, powerful engines are bulky and heavy. This is why Dyson engineers designed the Dyson 360 digital motor V2.
Compact and lightweight, it remain extremely powerful pulsed through digital technology that allows it to rotate up to 78000 r/min. It produces the highest suction power of all robot vacuums.

CaterpillarsDyson 360 Eye Robot Review (6)

Other vacuum cleaners are equipped with wheels ensuring a low traction and can get stuck or swerve. Dyson Eye robot is the only robot vacuum cleaner with continuous tracks designed to provide precision and maneuverability on all types of soil.

Increase traction

The tracks are made of corrugated rubber ensuring strong traction on all types of soils and to avoid obstacles to a specific direction.

Designed for all types of soils

Continuous tracks can pass at soft carpets to hard floors without directional loss or speed. The sole was also designed to be rigid on uneven surfaces to maintain directions.

The single brush with filaments of carbon fiber over the entire length


Unlike most vacuum cleaners, Dyson 360 Eye robot draws over the entire width of the device. In addition, instead of using fragile side bristles and brushes, this product is equipped with the most advanced cleaning head technology Dyson: two types of bristles for hard floors and carpets.

Maximum coverage area

The power head and the suction channel extend along the entire length of the apparatus to cover a large erea at each passage.

Advanced cleaning head technology

The stiff nybble bristles deep into the carpet and remove stubborn dust while the flexible anti-static carbon fiber filaments remove the residual dust of hard floors, as are our standard units.

Resistant hair

The wear of bristles has been tested on over 500 hours, with the brush rotating at 1450 rev/min, so that each bristle makes contact with ground 4.35 million times.

Dyson app linkdyson-360-eye-robot-review-app

Boost functionality to your robot vacuum cleaner 360 Eye
Available free on IOS and android platforms, the app Dyson link allows you to control and plan when and how your Dyson Eye 360 robot vacuum makes cleaning. It displays maps of the cleaning progress even when you are not home activates your two years warranty, automatically downloads software updates and ,if necessary, allows you to access troubleshooting guides. If you want to own one of the Dyson 360 eye robots, have a look at Amazon.