Festool Dust Extractors


Festool have made their Dust Extractors in an attempt to provide woodworkers with a Tool that enables them to Maximize their Productivity, by profiting from the Festool’s Technology through three major points : Fast Performance, Ease of use, and Contribution to a Healthier workspace, all in a Sturdy and Non-Compromised Fabrication, as you would expect from Festool. In order to reach these three major goals, Festool have built assorted technologies for each one of these:

Fast Performance
  • Power tool-triggered activation for automatic dust extraction, allowing the worker to save Time.
  • Switch power tools quickly with the simple, pressure-fit hose connector.
  • Minimize transport time with the integrated Sys-Dock (flat top with locking latches to attach Systainers).
Ease of use
  • The CT Dust Extractor can be moved easily around the jobsite with the carry handle.
  • Large wheels, low center of gravity, and ergonomically balanced design, in order to allow you to move the Dust Extractor without effort around your work place.
  • Easily changeable HEPA Filters that has its own handles.
Healthier workspace
  • The Festool CT Dust Extractors are all equipped with HEPA filters so you can profit from dust-free and cleaner air.
  • Reduce saw dust build-up with the included antistatic hose.
  • Adjustable suction setting for better results and reduced noise level.

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You can use the Festool Dust Extractor mainly for :
  • Collecting dust (with limit values > 1 mg/m³)
  • Mobile use in assembly applications and other on-site work.
  • Extracting dust directly from electric power tools via the integral automatic electronic switch-on/shut-off.
  • Sawing and drilling tasks
  • Smaller sanding and routing
  • Final clean-up
  • Wet and dry extraction

A Clean Workshop is appreciated from both Workers and Clients