Festool CT 26 Dust Extractor Review

Festool-Dust-ExtractorClean air and clean workspace are two things that you and your customers can appreciate. Having a dust extractor does very well this job, but not only that, more importantly, it does it very quickly, as a result you will have more time, and more time equals more productivity. The Festool CT 26, is not only an advanced masterpiece among the other dust extraction system units, it also blows out the average Shopvac far away, it comes with very handy features, from the “Automatic Tool Start” to the “Self-Cleaning Filter Bag”, i will go through each one of these in this review.

The CT 26 is available on Amazon (Buy from Amazon)

Overview of the Festool CT 26

From the first sight, you get the feeling of the professional look that all Festool products have, nonetheless, despite the overall blocky shape, the CT 26 has curvy lines that looks really nice, in addition to sturdiness and ergonomy as expected from Festool.
The CT 26 Dust Extractor is a continuity of evolution started by Festool, as it comes with many features that was introduced on the CT Mini and CT Midi dust extractors, like the hose garage and a Plug-it power cord (not included) for connecting a Festool to the on-board power port. Inside the hose garage is a convenient carry handle, intelligently designed to make the CT 26 fairly comfortable to carry around your jobsite.

A Smooth start !

The CT 26 is equipped with an auto-start functionality that you can turn On or Off for Manual Mode, to ensure convenient dust control. The auto-trigger is deigned for efficient dust control, allowing the vacuum tocycle with your power tools that you need to plug first into the supplied outlet socket, this results in to greater efficiency in dust collection, noise reduction, and allow to save more energy versus a constant-on unit that is relatively consuming. You can also regulate the suction based on your task, thanks to the Variable suction force Option, and can be used wet or dry. A small detail sander may not require the full 137 CFM of this unit, but a router may require it.

HEPA Filters for Fine Dust

Fine dust is usually in the air when it comes to fabrication environment, especially for wood-workers, it lands on everything in sight, and gets inside your tools, this is where the HEPA (High Efficency P) Filter comes in to play, it helps remove airborne particles that are ejected into the air that can make you sneeze, and experience other allergy-like symptoms, it’s always better for your health to limit your exposure to these particles.

Easy to Carry

For Festool, ergonomy is a must, a Carry Handle is positioned right where it should be, 7-9 inches in from the body. And like most current dust extractors from Festool, the integrated hose garage is also well designed, where the supplied Anti-Static Hose stores so neatly, and is therefore protected from inadvertent damage during transit. Other ergonomy points of CT 26 to consider, are : the nicely designed storage solution where you can put inside it, in addition to the hose, other accessories, second point is the ability to use the flat top as a temporary shelf to support tools, in addition to On-board cradles and handle. As you may have already noticed it, the Cord has a dedicated wrap to prevent it from getting in the way when you transport the unit.

Water Level Detector

The CT 26 is equiped with an Automatic Water Level Sensor to reduce problems with overfilling your unit with too much liquid when vacuuming wet spills. Additionally, if you want further options to complete both wet and dry operations, Festool have a complete range of optional cleaning sets .

Big Wheels for Safety

The wheels of the Fastool CT dust extractors are made of rubber-like, non-marring material, designer to not damage floors, and are larger than-average wheels. Also, to prevent costly damage to the vacuum or to your client’s floor caused by inadvertent tipping, Festool dust extractors are designed with a low center of gravity, in addition to an easy to use parking Brake, so that your unit is prevented from rolling down stairs, and also to stay static while it is on your car.

A Self-Cleaning Bag

Festool thought of a solution for a very common problem that dust extractors and even vacuums have to deal with, it is what is known as “Caking”, that is a result of tiny particles of dust clinging to the inner filter bag, Festool named it Cleantex, a self-cleaning filter bag, in order to prevent your dust extractor from experiencing poor extraction efficiency and performance due to Caking, and also to protect the unit’s motor from failure.


The cost of this Dust Extractor may intimidate some buyers, $650, but I think that it is another ” you get whay you pay for ” quality product from the renowned Festool, that always surprises us with its advanced engineered masterpieces. To be a proud owner of the CT 26 get a look into Amazon, it’s a trusted website that provides you with warranty, and in addition to that, they may have a discount on it and a free shipping service, Click Here to go to their website.