Festool CT 36 Dust Extractor Review

ct-36-hepa-dust-extractor-Cleantex-240x300Whether you are in the woodwork or any other fabrication industry, having a dust extractor in the work space is an intelligent investement that impacts significantly the productivity, as it enables you to clean your work space faster than what you can do with a ShopVac. I have already wrote a review about the Festool CT26 Dust Extractor, the CT36 is like its elder brother, they have many features in common, there are only few differences, which i will focus on in this review, so i recommend that you get a look on the CT26 Review, if you’re interested in the main features that both have, and come back here to finish the investigation.

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CT36 Size and Weight

The Size of the CT36 is a bit taller than the CT26, 23.4 Inch VS 21.5 Inch, and also slightly heavier, 29.8 lbs. Vs 28.7 lbs.

Bag capacity

The CT36 comes with the Same “Self-Cleaning Bag” technology as its little brother, but the Capacity of this one is 8.9 gallons, versus 6.3 gallons that the CT26 has. This is one of the important points that you may consider when choosing between the CT36 and the CT26, as you get 40% more Bag Capacity by paying 9% more money ($50), which is a good investment if you consider long-term benefit, because if you do the math on a per-gallon basis, the CT36’s bags are almost 20% cheaper.

Power Consumption

350-1200 watts, 2.9-10.0 amps, Same as the CT26.

Other Specifications

27mm Antistatic Hose  Yes
Cord Wrap  Yes
Hose Garage  Yes
Self-Cleaning Filter Bag  Yes
Container Capacity 9.5 gal
Dimensions (in.) 24.8″ x 14.4″ x 23.4″
Filter Type HEPA
Max. Suction Force 137 CFM
Noise Level 62 – 72 db(A)
Static Water Lift 96″


Bottom line of this face to face, if you consider future savings or/and you need more Bag Capacity then the CT36 is a better investment, if not, then why wasting $50 when you can get the CT26. Finally in both cases you may want to consider getting your Dust Extractor from a well-known trusted website like Amazon and also you may find some discount on this unit, Click Here to go to Amazon’s website.