Festool Dust Extractor CT 48 Review

festool-ct48-designThe CT 48 dust extractor is one of the best Festool products that a professional woodworker will be proud to have among its arsenal, as dust control occupies a significant part of the everyday challenge that woodworkers or anyone in the fabrication industry are facing. The CT 48 is the biggest brother of the Festool Dust extractors family, it incorporates all the features of this line, yes it is the heavier (35.9 lbs meaning only 6 lbs more than the CT 36), but it has the largest Container Capacity and the largest Filter Bag Capacity, without having to be the Noisier of them all when on Low Suction, in this review i will go through the CT 48 features that makes it stand out as one of the well-engineered Dust Collection Systems.


One of the most noticeable points of the Festool products, is the adaptability of its tools with each others, the Automatic Tool Start functionality is a great idea, it enables the unit to to connect with your tool and start the dust extraction automatically, you only have to plug your tool into the supplied outlet socket, then the vacuum start extracting the dust at the same as your tool is active. This option is more efficient both at the dust extraction level and also on energy consumption level, as it forces the unit to extract the just when needed, not to forget that it is also a benefit as it reduces the noise. Furthermore, you can regulate the suction force based on your tasks. Needless to say that this option can be turned On and Off.

HEPA FiltersCT-48-HEPA

Just like the CT 26, the CT 48 also has a HEPA Filters that are very helpful in the fabrication work-space when dust is part of the decor, these filters can remove fine dust of microscopic sizes, this is good for your health, but also for the health of your tools !

The Overall Design of the Festool CT 48festool-ct48-vacuum

The design is as you expect from facebook, professional, sturdy and also nice looking. Nonetheless, the ergonomy of this Dust Extractor is amazing. Firstly, the CT 48 has a very convenient carry handle, nicely positioned so you can lift easily the unit. A hose garage where the anti-static hose can be stored, safe from potential damage that can occur during transportation. The Anti-Static Hose size is : 1 1/16” x 11.5’ (27mm x 3.5m). The Festool Dust Extractors are all designed with large wheels in addition to a brake to prevent unintentional tipping that could cause damage to the unit or to your client’s floors.

A Safe Place For Your Tools

This is another amazing design ideas from Festool, the “Sys-Dock”, this feature transforms your dust extractor into a moving cart where your tools and accessories can get in, and bring them with you wherever you go. And if you have some power tools from Festool, the Systainers are a part of the Festool Dust Extractors design, in order to extend the possibility of carrying more “Festool” tools along with the unit, this results in reducing steps and gaining time when setting up your job-site, and even when on site, and while you work, you can use the Flat top of the Sys-Dock to put your tools on. The cord also has its own place where it can be wound, in such a way that it doesn’t bother you while transporting the unit.
Integrated Water Level Sensor
If you project to use the CT 48 in wet vacuuming operations then this feature will be a great help, as it it detects the water level and shut off automatically to minimize issues with overfilling your vacuum with too much liquid.


The CT48 is another masterpiece from Festool that is a way too far from what an average Shopvac is capable of. Even if the Festool is quite expensive, at a price of $625.00, its performance is worth the dollars. It has so many well-engineered features that are the maximum of what you can have from Festool Dust Extractors line, a real productivity booster for woodworkers. The last step is to get this Unit from a well-known website like Amazon for safety matters, they may have a discount on it Click Here to check.