Festool Dust Extractor CT MINI Review

Excessive wood dust in the workshop not only affect your health, by causing you to cough sneeze and get other irritations due to airborne dust, but also decreases your productivity and your work quality. Here is where a Dust Collection System can be very helpful, the Festool CT Mini is one of the Well-Engineered Dust Extractors in the market, as it incorporate one of the most advanced technologies in dust suction, mixed with an amazingly Ergonomic unit, designed for efficiency and convenience. In this review i will go through its features that makes it so irresistible.

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Festool-ct-mini-hepa-dust-extractorOverview of the CT Mini

The CT Mini is the smallest (and Cheapest) of all the Festool Cleantec Dust Extractors, 18″ long, 14″ wide, 17″ high, yet it incorporates almost all the features that its big brothers have, nevertheless, its size and its light weight makes it the most portable mobile dust extractor. With a well designed body latches, systainer latches, this unit can easily ride on your shop or your worksite, thanks to its double casters and its large wheels, it even has a Foot Brake, to quickly turn on or off the foot in order to prevent the unit from rolling off while transporting it. Small in size sure, but the CT Mini can quickly and quietly collect large amounts of dust and debris with its With 130 CFM and only 62 dB (on low setting).

CT Mini Motor and Power Features

While 400W is the minimum Power consumption of the CT Mini, 1200W is the maximum output motor to generate the vacuum, this rate is a standard one when it comes to many home and workshop vacuum, this is a fairly sufficient for workshop extraction and cleaning tasks, and the power variation between 400 and 1200 is like you probably know is because sometimes, you wont have to use the full suction force, it depends on the task and also the power tools you use.
A safety automatic power switch is inbuilt into the unit, to turn off when the temperature reaches a critical level, in order to protect the unit from damage.
Compared to the CT 26, the Vacuum suction (and capacity) is not as strong as its bigger brother, but you get the job done.

CT-26-Auto-Start-300x166It can Start Automatically !

To ensure a convenient and efficient dust control, the CT MINI has an Automatic Start that is very handy when connected with other
Tools, and the electronic air flow can be adjusted with ease, both on manual or automatic, via the switch.

Easily Changeable Filterfestool-ct-mini-filter

The main filter of the CT MINI has also its own handle, in order to be changed easily without having to use any other tool. Also, when using the dust extractor for wet applications, a sensor is responsable of monitoring the fluid level as well as switching the unit off in case the container gets full, all in an intuitive automatic way, this is “Innovation” !

The Hosefestool-dust-extractor-hose2-e

LIke all the Festool CT Dust Extractors, the CT MINI’s Hose is Anti-Static, meaning it reduces static electricity, that could possibly damage the unit’s electrical components. Its dimensions are : 1 1/16″ x 11.5′ (27mm x 3.5m).



The CT MINI is the smallest one of the series, nonetheless, it incorporates all the well-engineering features of the Festool CT Dust Extractors, that
makes it stand strong in the market, light
weight, compact and extremely helpful for woodworkers or anyone in the fabrication industry. You may want to get a look on Amazon to see if they have a discount on it, Click Here to check the MINI’s Price.